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An accountable and collaborative
approach for managing the environment.

Roundhouse Environmental Management is an environmental management company specializing in the energy transmission industry sector of Canada. Roundhouse understands that successful project management requires outstanding teamwork, innovative leadership and precise decision-making. Roundhouse manages environmental aspects in the planning, implementation and monitoring stages of linear transmission projects, associated facilities and construction projects of any magnitude. Our collaboration and shared vision provides a strong alliance of environmental management professionals that advances environmental compliance and reduces environmental liability for our clients. Roundhouse delivers this through a continuous improvement process focusing on asset management, knowledge sharing, incident control processes and needs analysis.

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Environmental Training for Pipelines

Increase workers’ environmental knowledge and awareness of relevant legislation, in order to:

  • Reduce liability by having trained individuals on site.
  • Reduce incidents of non-compliance.
  • Achieve greater public acceptance.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Protect the stakeholders, including public and owning companies. Develop an industry standard for repeatable and consistent training.
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The Roundhouse Process


Roundhouse delivers through a continuous improvement process focusing on:
Clients Risk

Attention to asset management, knowledge sharing, incident control processes and needs analysis.
Environmental Assurance
Empowering subject matter experts, strengthening relationships and effective communication with clients.
Environmental Management
Maintaining and delivering environmental programs and processes based on clients’ needs and Roundhouse expertise.