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About Roundhouse Environmental

Roundhouse Environmental Management Ltd. provides services to the pipeline, electrical transmission, agricultural and oil and gas industries. Roundhouse specializes in linear projects and has a successful history of providing practical and effective environmental management solutions to our clients.

Business Background

The owning companies of transmission and associated facilities require the services of an environmental management company to ensure the successful completion and operation of their projects. These services are necessary for positive corporate reputations; environmental compliance; minimized environmental impacts; addresses changes to regulatory requirements; and addressing landowner and special interest group concerns.  Roundhouse services include environmental management for the planning, implementation and post-construction stages of any transmission or linear project. Formed in 2013 in Edmonton Alberta,  Roundhouse allows for a single source of services for environmental management in all environmental disciplines.

Business Vision

Roundhouse Environmental Management Ltd is committed to providing environmental management for clients through a network of qualified professional environmental specialists, enabling Roundhouse to be a single source solution provider for environmental issues as they arise on transmission projects. Roundhouse believes environmental compliance and positive customer reputation can be accomplished through specific environmental project training, monitoring, reporting and effective communication that minimizes the environmental impact and risk on our diverse natural surroundings. By doing so, Roundhouse can positively impact our and our clients corporate stewardship image, while protecting our natural surroundings and ensuring a sustainable future.

Safety Vision

Roundhouse Environmental Management Ltd is committed to conduct all activities in a safe, respectful and environmentally responsible manner through thorough planning, hazard assessment and mitigation strategies, in the most efficient way, with the smallest impact to the environment as possible. Roundhouses commitment to safety and sustainable environmental practices will be expressed on a daily basis through active involvement in corporate programs, demonstrated concern for worker well-being and in our personnel lives. The environment in which we work, live and sustain for our present and for our future generations will not be taken for granted.

Roundhouse believes the protection of health, safety and environment should be every bit as important as delivering the highest quality and efficient product to the client. We strive for feed-back from all to better our programs because ensuring the safety and well-being of our people, our clients, our subcontractors and our suppliers is integral to our business. We do this in part with near miss reporting, hazard reporting, subcontractor reviews and open communication. We focus continuously on improving safety and protection of the environment through the positive behavior of our people and by implementing safe systems and procedures.

Roundhouse believes in committing to the protection of our health, safety and environment in our lives outside of work in the same manner in which we commit to health, safety and environment at work. Being aware and minimizing risk helps to protect ours and others families. Environmental protection is related to our daily lives and active participation is essential for the betterment of our environment. We immensely enjoy the outdoors so the environment is extremely important to us; lack of sustainable practices or negligence and excessive damage to our natural surroundings is not acceptable.