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Environmental Training Courses

We offer a variety of online Environmental Training courses designed to help teach workers responsible, balanced business practices and procedures. Please choose from one of the courses below for more detail.

Environmental Training for Pipelines

Pipeline companies have a responsibility and obligation to protect the environment when constructing and operating pipelines. A standardized, repeatable and accessible form of training for all workers on pipeline sites is currently not available.

Until now. Roundhouse Environmental Management Ltd. Environmental Training for Pipelines (ETP) eLearning program is designed to educate the work force in the pipeline industry, prior to showing up to work on site. The program helps pipeline projects to be planned, executed and monitored with consideration for all aspects of the environment. It engages all stakeholders, with emphasis on the workers in the field who manage the day to day activities, by increasing the overall awareness of both environmental compliance and best practices.

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Aboriginal Awareness

This online Aboriginal Awareness course introduces the concept of culture to set the foundation for discussion of Canada's Aboriginal people, their values, concerns and history.

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Accident/Incident Investigation

This course is designed to help individuals who will be investigating accidents/incidents understand the purpose and process of accident/incident investigation.

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Environmental Management

This online Environmental Management course will help learners identify types of harmful waste and create strategies to reduce their impact on the environment.

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Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans

This course will help learners identify the cause and effects of spillage and understand regulations and requirements for spill prevention plans.

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Wastewater and Storm Water Management

This course provides a background on regulations and requirements for wastewater, storm water, septic systems, and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans.

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Wilderness & Bear Awareness

This online Wilderness Awareness course provides essential information for people working or enjoying recreational activities in wilderness environments.

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