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Roundhouse Environmental Management Ltd. understands that owning companies of transmission systems and associated facilities require environmental management and quality assurance expertise to successfully complete and operate their projects with minimal environmental risk. Our dynamic environmental management background on a multitude of construction and transmission projects serves our clients by successfully managing their risk and liabilities, and by meeting project goals through implementing quality assurance and quality control for all environmental aspects. Roundhouse delivers this through a continuous improvement process focusing on the following:

Asset Management

Protecting our client’s interests and minimizing risks through effective planning, reporting and communication. This includes the process of monitoring activities, and ensuring commitments are achieved and documented during implementation, and maintained during operation. This is accomplished through supporting existing processes and developing necessary adjustments for achieving the best practices and outcomes.

Knowledge Sharing

Training project personnel, empowering qualified subject matter experts, evaluating contractors, reviewing third-party deliverables, and engaging positive relationships with industry and regulators. We operate as a conduit for owning companies and ensure their environmental message is channeled on all projects. We use our expertise to strengthen our client’s environmental management system, and to develop and implement an environmental program that meets their needs.

Key Performance Indicators and Incident Control Process

Maintaining and delivering environmental programs and processes based on clients needs and field level information. Implementing incident reporting processes connected to the risk and compliance register of any Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Providing environmental incident response and planning including a communication plan and for initial response. Immediate responding (assessment, control/ containment/ cessation, reporting and clean up). Investigating incidents and providing root cause analysis, trend analysis and closeout of incidents. Recording metrics and tracking KPI for owning companies ensuring that their processes are effective and efficient.

Needs Analysis

Identifying process gaps in the system and providing clients with continuous lessons learned and improvements. Pre and post construction management supporting successful project initiation or closure. Developing processes that measure consultant and contractor performances. Collecting and analyzing field data and providing recommendations to owning companies enabling them to improve systems, create standards and deliver consistency. Closing project loop.

Project Portfolio

Jacos Pipeline Project - Provided environmental coordinator support for owning company and mainline contractor for approximately 52km. 

Grand Rapids Pipeline Project - Provided environmental coordinator support for mainline contractor for approximately 460km. 

Wood Buffalo Extension Pipeline Project - Provided environmental inspection for AER regulated project for 100km of clearing and construction.

NEBC Project Expansion - Provided environmental support reviewing environmental documentation (EPP and EAS) during preliminary stages of the project set for northeast British Columbia. 

Townsend Pipeline Project - Provided environmental inspection and drilling waste management in northeast British Columbia for OGC regulated project.

Mid-Saskatchewan Pipeline Project - ​Provided environmental inspection for 7 pipeline projects and completed As-Built Reporting.

Line 3 Pipeline Replacement Program – Provided environmental field support and inspection during initial phases of an NEB regulated project for approximately 1200 km.

Cold Lake Foster Creek Mainline Loop and Cold Lake South Mainline Loop – Provided environmental inspection for an AER regulated project for 243 km of construction, cleanup, and reclamation and monitoring of approximately 50 creek and wetland crossings during spring freshet.

Edmonton 2 Hardisty Pipeline Project – Provided environmental field support and inspection for an NEB regulated project for approximately 350 km.

Woodland Pipeline Extension Project – Provided environmental inspection for AER regulated Project for approximately 350 km.

Ex-Cromer Pipeline Project – Provided environmental field support and inspection for an NEB regulated project for 20 km.

Hanging Stone Pipeline Project – Provided environmental support for contractor for AER regulated Project for 50 km.

AITF Productivity Challenge Recipient - Educational initiative for small Alberta based companies.